How do seniors feel about graduation?


The crowd goes wild during one of the games.

Jeremiah Cimino, Staff Writer

Seniors are getting ready for the real world.

Some seniors say they are ready to graduate and start a new chapter, while others say they will miss hanging out with their friends and making memories.

Senior David Neito-Marchan believes that high school taught him how to step out of his comfort zone, “Being in high school gave me confidence in my communication skills and got me ready for the real world.”

Most seniors agree that this year has been good and are also grateful for what they learned from high school.

Senior Daniel Vujic has worked hard, “My senior year has been good so far, you know just grinding through getting my work done and making sure my grades are good to graduate.”

Vujic says Covid was hard, “One big thing I will take from high school was all the memories I made although covid hit at the end of our freshman year and through our whole sophomore year, I still made a lot of good memories with my friends.”

All in all, seniors here at Englewood High School say they had a good experience and made many memories they won’t forget.