Signing Day: Baseball player will continue sport in college

Senior Elliot Maschka started playing baseball when he was 5, saying, “I’ve always been good at it. Out of everything that I’ve done, it has always been my favorite thing to do.”


During his time at Englewood High School, he has played pitcher, outfield, and first base, “Pitcher. The feeling of being out on the mound and being in control over what happens. Everything being in my hands.”

Maschka feels this year, his senior year is the culmination of the time at EHS, “I feel like we’ve grown closer (as a team), all of the time we’ve spent together, all of the bonds.”

When he was looking for a way to continue playing baseball in college he found Hastings College in Nebraska.

He says the atmosphere and the small town feel was something he was looking for, “not a huge college with thousands of students.”

He signed a Letter of Intent on April 26, 2023, “It was surreal, making it official that I”m going to be playing for four more years. It was like everything coming together from my whole life playing baseball.”

Maschka will study music and also received a scholarship for his education, “it was a talent scholarship for music,” he has been playing the piano his entire life. Merging these two loves is exciting, “Having the opportunity to do both in college was not something I thought would happen. It is a great opportunity.”