Concurrent Enrollment is for Everyone at Englewood Schools

Produced by CE students in Broadcast Journalism classes at EHS.



It’s your future. How do you get there? Did you know Englewood students are earning college credit in high school? 



Keaolani Manfre looks like other students at Englewood High School, but she already has 30 college credits. 


She is among nearly two hundred Englewood students earning free college credits in high school. Englewood Schools offers Concurrent Enrollment and Dual Enrollment programs. Students earn credit toward their high school diploma along with college credit toward an Associate’s degree or a career-focused certificate. Students in grades 9 through 12 can enroll. 




Englewood Schools offers nearly 40 college courses on its high school campuses. Hundreds of college courses are offered through the community college system. 


An early start in college is attracting more and more students and students feel they are benefiting from the vast number of CE courses offered throughout Englewood schools. 


The number of high school students taking college courses has grown over the last few years. Over a million students nationwide take College level CE or Concurrent Enrollment courses in high school. Here in Colorado, more than 37-thousand students take advantage of concurrent enrollment classes across the state. 




Englewood Schools pays the cost of tuition for these classes.




According to the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships, 80 percent of dually enrolled students nationally take these CE-offered classes at their own school, transferring those credits to community colleges and then to four-year universities.  


Classes that offer CE credit include Cosmetology, Esthetics, History, English, Math, Journalism, Biomedical Science, Business, Computer Science, Culinary, and Engineering. 


In 2021, students saved over $ 525 thousand dollars in tuition costs by taking classes in high school. 



Students learn self-advocacy, and personal responsibility, and get a higher-level curriculum and rigor that allows them to change and grow. If you have a desire to push yourself, CE courses are available. College credit, industry certifications, and a jump start on your future.  


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