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Shooting for a New culture for Boys Basketball

Thomas O'Connor, Staff

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Hard fought loss for the team

It is all about change this season in Englewood boys basketball. It is the main focus. With looks to the future, Coach John Nonemacher is looking to form a successful program for many years to come and making decisions to ensure that happens. “We need a culture of hard work on and off the court. I’m passionate about the players as people off the court as well as on the court,” said Nonemacher.

The coach says he has played and coached basketball his entire life, “I love basketball. I got into coaching when I lived in Connecticut, I’ve coached in Montana and in Oregon as well. I love helping people on their pathway to their dreams and successes, and coaching is a nice bridge that I can use to help people get there, including the kids at Englewood.”

Defensive-minded basketball is taking center stage. The Pirates look to add defensive intensity in their plan to win games. On the offensive side, a new swing system is being implemented by Coach John to further the level of offensive scoring. Players say Coach John has improved the culture so far, “He has improved the culture of boys basketball because he doesn’t put up with nonsense,” Ti’Rick Ivory (11) said.

Ivory says Coach John has taught him quite a bit in the short time he’s been in charge, “He’s taught me that coaches become tougher the higher level of basketball that you play at, and Coach John wants to play at a high level.”

The way Coach John sees it, starting young and creating a new type of program with growth mentality will lengthen the success of Englewood boys basketball. Though the team has struggled in its first few games, Coach John still demands the team to stick to the process.

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Shooting for a New culture for Boys Basketball