LatinX and art students paint the community

LatinX club at EHS has always made an effort to promote understanding and celebration of Hispanic culture through campus events.

This year students in the club and EHS artists created a community mural to beautify a space and added a Dia De Los Muertos display in school. They hope the mural will leave a lasting impression on students and the community.

Junior Laura Ortiz loves being part of the group, “What excites me the most is that I meet new people, who speak my same language, I also like that we do many charitable acts that help the community and among Latinos, we unite to be one.”

Ortiz says the club has an emphasis on activities for the Latino community, “At the beginning of the year, members contribute ideas on how to help and contribute things to the community, such as donating clothes for the cold and blankets for people on the street or raising funds for food that families need it or people from the community.” She says she always feels welcome during club time because the people are friendly and always want the best for the community. She feels a connection within her culture.

Registrar Celeste Delgado has been the staff sponsor for several years, “We do fundraisers, we work in the community, we do a lot of inclusive things with Hispanic heritage and around scholarships for college.” That included the work on the mural and the Dia De Los Muertos display with the Heritage students.

Freshmen Lizbeth Velez feels a lot of respect and connection from the group, “I think I like that Latino culture is given an important position in the United States.”

Velez says one of the most comforting parts of the LatinX club is feeling at home with their culture and language, “I like it a lot when we share lunch I feel comfortable and I don’t feel judged for not speaking the language well. I feel welcome and happy to be there since we help a lot and do fundraising, and when you know that you are doing things well you feel good about yourself and with others.”

The mural is at Cherokee and Floyd.