Homecoming Announcements 10/6/2017


Hello and welcome to the PirateTV announcements for Homecoming week 2017.

We have a lot to talk about this week..

(xx) Our EHS family is shaken this week, talking about the mass shooting at a country concert in Las Vegas. Sophie Bernard has the story.



Terror hit the las vegas strip, Sunday october 1st. At least 50 people were killed and 400 injured during the Las Vegas music festival. According to CNN, a 64-year-old man fired shots from a hotel room window at the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino.

a concertgoer captured the fear and shock of the crowd as gun shots rang out. you can see people staying close to the ground as they try to determine where the shots originated from.

Ms. Mullins reacted to the news.


Those who were at the concert described the scene.


Students here at TEC are sad and trying to understand how someone could injure and kill so many people.



Reporting for Pirate TV, I’m sophie bernard.


(tag) The victims are still being treated at las vegas hospitals.

(XX) We have learned that an Englewood Police officer, on the force for 25 years was shot twice in the leg during the concert.


According to the Denver Post, 52-year-old Curtis Loeni. His injuries are not life-threatening. He may be released from the Las vegas hospital later today. we are so grateful for his service and hope he knows how much we appreciate his service and decidation to our city.


(xx)To other news now… If you have perfect attendance during October count weeks.

That is 10 days straight you will be eligible for nice prizes.

(XX)Attention Seniors: Your Senior Class Panoramic Pictures are

in the mail.

(vo) (?)

If you ordered the pictures, you should be

receiving them soon. If you forgot to order, you aren’t out

of luck. You can still order your panoramic pictures at




work in the BOOSTER CLUB SNACK SHACK at an EHS sports

event! Call or text Steph Weber at 775-385- 7215, or give your name to Mary

Helen Friesen in the Athletics Office at EHS.


(XX) This, of course, is Homecoming week, students are dressing up and excited about taking part. We found two girls dressed for Marvel day.

(sot) Ebony Williams/Petra Galbaugh/students

Wednesday it was the powder puff football game,

(vo)(puff vo)

the upper class girls took on the lower class ladies. The game seemed one sided with the upper classmen geting some great plays in first, but the frenshmen and sophomores came back with a few TD’s. In the end, the upper class did take the win.


after that… it was the tug-o-war.

(no talk/sot)

(xx) then the amazing bon fire.



(xx) For the rest of the week, the parade is on Friday at 2:00, the football game starts friday at 7 pm. We will have a special guest singing the national anthem.

And the dance is Saturday!

(XX)Homecoming tickets on sale at the South side of the spine at

lunch. $20 per person, $25 at the door.


in sports… On Tuesday October 10th there will be an informational meeting in room 1110 (STEM) at 11:15am during lunch. This meeting is for everyone interested in playing girls basketball this season.

(XX)Volunteers are needed for upcoming football, softball,

volleyball, and cross-country events October 2-7, 2017. talk to ms mary-helen if you can help out.

(XX) and finally, Volleyball had its home game thursday against Weld county.


The girls lost but played hard!


Softball lost in conifer and soccer had a big win against weld… 2 to 1

See you at the activities this week. Have a wonderful day.