The Daniels fund


Does work

Oryan Butler, staff writer

“I have been selected as a semi-finalist for the Boettcher scholarship,” Daniel Martins (12) said. He is not hiding his excitement. He is thrilled to have made it through the process to become a semi-finalist. Martins and Maria Alsubhi are the two students who made it this far this year.   

The Boettcher Foundation Scholarship supports Colorado’s high-potential graduating seniors by providing them with a full-ride scholarship to attend a Colorado college or university.

Students all around the state vie for the Boettcher and the Daniels Scholarship as a way to get an education without the debt. The Daniels is a challenging program that provides the chance to obtain a four-year college education at any nonprofit college or university in the United States, complete with financial and personal support throughout the journey. 

Martins says he worked really hard to get this scholarship by doing many things, including a writing portion, “I know it’s kinda cliche’ but the writing portion of applying to things is really the most important because that’s where you can get out your character and also show how to kind of go through life.”

He says he included lessons and life’s struggles, “if you’re confident enough to do that with integrity and character, I think that’s what made mine different.” 

Martins got help from a former EHS winner, “We’ve had couple scholars in the past like Kayla Steffens who helped me out with the application.”

Good grades, community service, and great writing skills set Martins and Alsubhi apart from the crowd. Alsubhi says when she was asked what she likes to do and why she included some quirky collections, “I told the panel I collect souvenirs like snow globes, receipts, and old plane tickets to remind me of the best days of my life.”

On January 27th, they find out if they are finalists. On March 7, 8 and 9th the finalists are interviewed. 42 are chosen for the scholarships. Alsubhi plans to use the money at either DU or CU-Boulder. Martins is looking at the University of Denver.