It’s all about travel and food

We asked what your plans are for the Thanksgiving break. 


Thanksgiving break is almost here. During that time, people do all sorts of stuff from visiting family members to going on a vacation to take some time for themselves.

Dylan Schmidt is a science teacher at Englewood High School. He loves travel time during the break, “During this Thanksgiving break, I am going to visit my family who lives in Austin, Texas, and my wife’s family in New Braunfels, Texas, and I’m going to visit my grandma in Midland, Texas. So I’m doing a Texas Tour.”

Visiting family and spending time together is important, “Something I’m looking forward to this Thanksgiving break is eating with my family. I love eating with my family.” 

Schmidt says he really likes Austin, “Since I go during Thanksgiving break it’s always like 70 degrees. So we all get to go outside and play football and stuff like that and we eat a bunch of food. But this year I probably won’t eat any turkey, but I’ll eat a bunch of sides because I don’t eat meat. I am really looking forward to it.”

Freshman Lynn Walters likes to drive during Thanksgiving, “Usually during Thanksgiving break my family will pack up our car and most of our belongings and drive down to Ordway to visit my aunt.” 

They are looking forward to the food they are going to eat, “My uncle is a chef and he cooks the best of foods. Also if it’s warm, hopefully, we will get to play in my aunt’s pool.”

AAA says people are willing to travel more this year because they haven’t seen relatives in a long time due to Covid restrictions.