CHSAA Regionals: Wrestlers own the mat

Pirateer Staff

Dwight Anderson (12) began wrestling freshmen year, “because it was something to do in the off-season,” when football was over. It is not always easy, but he has grown to love the sport, “It’s commitment, you have to stay with it, even if you feel like giving up, which you do most of the time,” Anderson said. During the CHSAA 3A Region 3 wrestling tournament at Englewood High School, Anderson spends a lot of time watching other matches so he knew what to expect when it is his turn to step on the mat, “I get nervous, worried about what will happen, mistakes I can make, I try to get myself calm before the match and keep a level head.” When he steps on the mat and looks at his opponent,  he is all business, “I think of the first moves I want to make to take him down.” He has some favorite moves, “either ankle pick, double leg tackle or arm drag.”  Placing at the CHSAA regionals means a spot at state, “I took someone from Steamboat Springs. I lost, I didn’t get control over him so he pinned me.”

Anderson has put a lot of time and energy into wrestling, “Getting ready for tournaments, because you have to put all this work in, and now you have to perform.” His teammates help him stay focussed, “Those that stayed put in a lot of effort and improved a lot once they put the effort in.” As a senior, he knows this may be his last year, “I’d like to keep wrestling, possibly in the future. I want to join the Marines. If that doesn’t work I’d like to go to college at CSU or Boulder.” That can wait. He is laser-focused on the here and now.

The pirates were led by Senior Dwight Anderson this season with a team-leading 12 wins and 10 pins.  Jaheim Young was a takedown machine and battled his way back against his opponent from Mullen High School and Ricardo Chinas wrestled his toughest matches of the season.