New Dress Up Days

New Dress Up Days

Mckenna Bone, Pirateer Staff

Do you have new ideas for next years dress up days? There are students who would like to see more chances for dress up at Englewood high school.

Some of the students at EHS believe that there should be no dress up days because it would take most of the fun out of homecoming and fewer people will participate. Kerolos Abdelsaied (12) ” If we have more dress up days than they will mean less and less students will participate.”

A student at EHS explains that if we have dress up days that are exciting and more silly than a lot more students will participate in the fun Dylan carpenter (12) ” I would like to do hair dye or wig day, cowboy/cowgirl day. the more funny dress up days we have it would be funnier and more students would join.”

Hannah Turner (10) says she would welcome more opportunities,  “I feel like we should definitely have more dress up days, but we should also change homecoming’s prompts from the ones we repeat every year.”