PirateTV Announcements 10/23/2019

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(n)Good morning and welcome to PirateTV. We have a lot to cover today so let’s get started.

I’m Nate Gravagno.

(E)And I’m Ethan Korum.

(E) Graduation Requirements for the class of 2021 and beyond have been changed. All across the state, districts were given select options for how to best implement these new changes.


For Englewood, these changes include an increase for credits of different subjects and competency in English and Math.


(N)Demolition on the new stadium begins in the middle of November after football and soccer seasons come to an end. New concessions, new bathrooms, and expanded locker rooms are just a few of the additions.

We had a chance to see the new scoreboard installed, if you want to see this full time lapse video, go to the pirateer dot com.

(E) A new science class is being offered at EHS for those interested in starting their careers in the medical field.


According to the teachers in charge of the class, students will work with the same tools used by professionals in hospitals and labs. Students engage in compelling, hands-on activities and work together to find solutions to problems. Students take from the courses in-demand knowledge and skills they will use in high school and for the rest of their lives, on any career path they take particularly those in the medical field. The program is called Project Lead the Way or PLTW.


(N)The fall play is prepping for performances in November. You won’t want to miss one of the most unique productions EHS has every tacked. PirateTV’s Elowyn Fahnestock has our story.


(e) Englewood students got a rare opportunity to hear from a Jewish holocaust survivor.


Estelle Nadel, known as Enia Feld, was only 7-years-old when her life changed forever. Born in Poland into a Jewish family, she was the youngest of five children. She found herself swept up in the hate and death that reined over the area during the German occupation.

She spends her time now, at 84, speaking to students about her experiences and chose Englewoods TEC campus. Middle school students have just wrapped up a unit on the Holocaust and were mesmerized by the real-life story told by Nadel. Creative Writing and Broadcast Journalism students recorded her visit to the school.(sot)

Estelle landed on American soil on April 1, 1957.

She has grown children and lives with her husband Fred in Westminster, Colorado. She speaks often to school children and church members about her experiences. This is the second time she has been to the TEC campus.

(N) Right here on the TEC campus, there are members of the Special Olympics teams. We spoke to two athletes about their training and their excitement to be part of the team.

Nicole Wederski and Dakata Rainey take part in bowling, basketball, track and field and Bache. Nicole says she loves taking part in Special Olympics.

(sot) “IT’s very much fun, we have a lot of people on our team. Everyone bowls at their own pace, it is very much fun. I just love to have fun and my parents are the coaches.”

(sot) I like helping people, We practice everyday.”

(E) Solos, scales, triads, oh my.


High school students from all over the metro area gathered at Englewood High School this weekend to show they can perform at a professional level. Four members of the Englewood choir are also vying for a spot on the All-State Choir. Competition is tough as singers have spent months preparing to wow the judges.

Juniors Katie Moraja and Elspeth Wooldridge, and seniors Savion Romero and Emma Maschka tried for a spot. Moraja sang Whispering Hope by Alice Hawthorne.

(N)Englewood students are traveling the world! During Spring Break 2021, EHS students and teachers will visit Peru to explore the history, language, and culture of the Incas. The trip is open to all current Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors, conditional of grades, attendance, and behavior. There will be a parent meeting on November 5th for anyone interested. Please see Mr. Stetler in room 3409 for more details!”

(E)Seniors, there will be a mandatory class meeting during seminar on October 31. Information regarding graduation will be distributed regarding cap and gowns, announcements and whatever else you may want to purchase.

(N) You may have noticed a change in the entry area when you walk into Englewood High School.


The Maintenance team recently put together a bench-like structure that resembles a pirate ship. It is added seating for students. Couches and other seating in the spine were taken out over the last few years in the high school. Now students have an area in the spine to sit and relax. One main concern… people congregating in the area instead of going to class.

(E)A new, unconventional sport has begun at EHS. E-sports was sanctioned by CHSAA recently and added to the sports options offered around the state.


Englewood jumped on the chance and has a team. Esports is a competitive way to play video games against other schools. The first game is League of Legends.


(N)In Sports…Soccer and volleyball are away Thursday for matchups. The Englewood varsity football team has a home conference game vs. Bishop Machebeuf on Friday at 7p. And congratulations to girls volleyball who won 3-0 against Alameda Tuesday night.

(E)Celebrate the 9 seniors at Senior Night on their wonderful volleyball careers. Senior Night is on Thursday, October 31 against Skyview

(N)Interested in playing girls basketball this season? There will be an informational meeting this Thursday at 11:00 during lunch in the gym.

Please see coach Rode if you have any questions.

(E)That’s all the time we have. If you want more news or full coverage of recent sports action for Englewood High school, you can find it on the pirateer dot com, EHS facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

(N)Have a great week.