PirateTV Newscast: Homecoming

Hello and welcome to the halftime show during homecoming week, 2021. We are PirateTV. 

I’m Elowyn Fahnstock


And I’m  Cooper Morton. 


Third-year of a pandemic for students and with in-person classes and activities, things are beginning to feel normal again. We begin with 


(vo)  a new set of student leaders. These people were voted into office by the students… President: Emmelly Alvarez

VP: Jaxon Wilburn 

Senior Class Governor and Secretary: Molly Tucker

Media Specialist: Josie Brennan 

Junior Class Governor: Ally Garcia

Sophomore Class Governor: Tracy Jennings




Bathroom doors all over the campus are being monitored closely after several pranks at school.


The issue is apparently tied to a new, destructive TikTok craze that has teens stealing and damaging property at schools. It is called Devious Lick. 

The challenge has spread here in colorado and at Englewood middle and high school causing thousands of dollars in damage. From stealing school supplies to trashing bathrooms, students around the country are jumping on a viral TikTok trend. But security guards are on the lookout. for violators.

(tag) If you are caught, you are financially responsible for damages and you will be suspended from school. 


Homecoming week is a time for students to come together, show their class spirit, and bond as a school. Homecoming week continues a more than one-hundred-year tradition at EHS of celebrating the community and its long-standing place in it. The theme this year is Enchanted Forest. 


The kick-off event was Hall Decorating. Each class decorated a different floor in the high school. 


On Monday, Spirit Day was Mountain Monday 

On Tuesday, Spirit Day was Twinkling Tuesday (Neon Day)

Wednesday, students dressed as their favorite cartoon characters. There was also a huge bonfire and the powder puff game. 

Thursday was Throwback Thursday, the flower power edition, and Friday, students took part in the Pep rally, tailgate party, and scavenger hunt. 


The Homecoming dance is Saturday night! 



 It’s the battle of the bots! Students at Englewood High school are building robots for an upcoming competition. 



   The First Robotics competition lets students play with their imagination to build a robot to carry out specific tasks and is a good team-building activity. 

   According to the event’s website, FIRST Robotics combines the rigors of science and technology to solve real-world engineering problems in fun, rewarding, and inspiring ways.


Students solve a common problem using a standard “kit of parts” and a common set of rules. 


Teams all around the world compete for the title of “number one” in an olympian-type robotics competition. Teams gather at the start of January to discuss plans, as well as possible obstacles that they may face. With limited time and resources, the team must put together a robot that out matches, outsmarts, and outdoes the competition. 


(sot) “


Tag- The colorado competition gets underway in six weeks. 


EHS Actors are gearing up for the fall play. This season, the play is Murders in the Heir. 

Performances are November 10th-13th. 



This year, our marching band is gearing up for another exciting season. PirateTV’s Elowyn Fahnestock has our story. 




Football players look forward to hitting the gridiron in front of a home crowd… usually larger during homecoming week.


In the recent game against Littleton, number 6 Isaiah Segaviano was breaking out of defenders’ tackles to get enough yards for the first down. A few plays later, number 7 Shawn Fox caught a screen pass for a hard run. When Littleton had possession, the Englewoods defense all swarmed to the ball to make a tackle. Number 2 Gunner Johnson rolls out and leaps over a defender for a nice gain. 


The win gave players good momentum for the next game and homecoming is very special for athletes and coaches.




The softball team is at 6 and 5 on the season and taking on strong opponents.


Athletes have spent a lot of time working on individual skills like hitting and grounding so they give the competition a run for their money! 

This home run was hit during a recent game by Alycia Aguilar. Students are thrilled to get to play an entire season this year. 



In soccer action, the team stands at 4 and 4, with a young team, and some tough competition. Soccer won its homecoming matchup against Weld Central this week, 5-2.


    This year, the team lost its goalkeeper to an injury but still manages to be much better than last year. Athletes say great defense and communication is the key to their success. There are only three seniors on this team, but younger athletes come with years of experience. Many have played since they were 7 or 8 years old, and many of these soccer players have played club soccer giving them the advantage over other teams.   



The Cross Country team is small but mighty taking on larger schools and many more seasoned athletes. 


Athletes are halfway through their season and run a 5-K at each outing. They are all pushing to be at the front of the pack, but more importantly for the athlete, they are trying to beat their own personal best time on the course. 



Finally tonight… The gym floor, a piece of EHS history is now gone… replaced with a new surface that should have a 50-year lifespan.


Students were not able to use the gym for months during construction. Gym classes and other school activities were moved to other locations. Students, athletes, and coaches got to give their opinions about what to include as a design on the new floor. Athletic director Nate Smith says it was time for a change,


(sot)”the gym floor was worn and needed to be replaced..”


(tag) Volleyball players got to hold the last game on the old floor and then the first game on the new floor. The full winter sports season will be able to use the new floor.  



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Now… back to the game!